retirement income planning

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

After a lifetime of working, saving and investing for your retirement, you want this major life transition to be a success. Your financial focus up until this point has been on accumulation – and now the income distribution phase of your retirement planning begins.

At Spiritus we combine our retirement planning knowledge and strong tax planning background to develop a customized retirement income strategy that is tax savvy. By understanding and utilizing the tax code to your advantage, we have the ability to consistently add value to our client’s investment portfolios by using tax efficient withdrawals in retirement.

We utilize a seven step retirement income planning strategy that helps you balance risks with the need for inflation-adjusted income that will last throughout your retirement. Your retirement income plan will be dynamic and will flow with the actual contours of your life - not the other way around.

spiritus-leaf-water.pngRetirement Planning Steps 

Seven main steps to ensure your secure retirement are:

  • Retirement goal setting
  • Assessing current financial position
  • Identifying retirement income sources
  • Evaluating retirement risks using Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Understanding healthcare issues
  • Investing retirement assets
  • Managing retirement income