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Financial advisors don't merely pick stocks - they carefully analyze your personal curcumstances and access the market environment as they develop your investment plan.


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How We Add Value as Your Advisor



  • The average operating expense for actively managed mutual funds is about 1.53% per year. Over time, this lowers your overall return. We use low-cost, institutional class funds - less than 0.50% for most diversified strategies.
  • The typical active manager or advisor effects portfolio turnover of 80% or more per year. That costs the average investor nearly 1.0% in annual returns due to brokerage and other transaction costs. Our strategies emphasize turnover costs of less than 0.25% per year.
  • Taxable accounts give up about 50% of their annual returns to taxes due to portfolio turnover and inefficient portfolio management. We utilize funds and strategies that emphasize a high degree of tax efficiency.
  • Our individually designed, implemented, and managed portfolios are targeted to meet your financial objectives.
  • We provide quarterly performance reporting focusing on the suitability of and progress towards your financial objectives.
  • Our disciplined, long-term approach means you’ll sleep better and get on with your life by ignoring all of the Wall Street hype. Most investment advice seeks to have you transact business - and make money for others.
  • We stay on top of global economic data, financial and economic trends as well as current issues in income and estate tax planning, retirement planning and investment management - we’re not salesmen masquerading as advisors.


"Going simple and low cost are the keys to long-term gain."

Index fund creator & Vanguard founder, John Bogle

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