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Take advantage of a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with Mark Zaifman and begin securing your financial future.

What do you get with this no-obligation consultation?

  • Access to expert fee-only financial guidance.
  • An honest, easy to understand assessment of where you are financially.
  • No pressure. We don't sell products so there's no sales pitch - ever.

Mark Zaifman is a holistic financial planner - that means he looks at both your money and your life.  He also speaks in easy to understand financial terms, so you'll always know what he's talking about and you won't walk away scratching your head.

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The Spiritus No-Obligation Complimentary Consultation – What You Can Expect

When we say no-obligation, we mean it. If you decide to take advantage of our 20-minute complimentary phone consultation, you will get no pressure and absolutely and equivocally no sales pitch. Period. What you will get is a conversation where we get to know each other a bit along with guidance and answers to your general financial concerns. Chances are, after our conversation, you may need some time to digest the information and spend some time thinking about what we discussed.

If you aren’t ready to begin the retirement planning process, or need more time to think about it, or think our fee is too high, or it is a busy time in your life, or you decide to go with someone else - we completely respect your decision. We won’t pressure you, we won’t harangue you with questions and we won’t call you to follow-up to 'see if you need anything’.

Retirement planning is serious business - it’s a huge commitment, and only you know when the time is right for you to get started. We know that when you are ready, or if you have more questions, you’ll contact us. When we say, “no obligation”, we mean it.

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